Syantra receives 2021 A100 One to Watch Award

On November 16, Syantra received the A100 One to Watch Award as part of the Start Alberta Tech Awards being announced through to November 22. Presented by the A100, the One to Watch Award recognizes an Alberta tech business who A100 members regard as the most likely to succeed. 

Syantra DX is an innovative healthcare company that has isolated and developed a new way to detect and treat breast cancer. The company, founded by Bob Shepherd, Kristina Rinker, Xiuling Wang, and Kenneth Fuh, has designed a blood-based cancer detection system through their quantitative research and comprehensive case studies. The company predicts that their efforts have an accuracy rating of 91%. 

Dr. Randy Moore, Co-founder and Medical Director, Syantra explained: “We chose Alberta as the site for our business primarily because we feel very strongly that the time is right for the ecosystem in Alberta for biotech startups. We have been oil and gas focused for many many years, and it’s an environment that has been really supportive for us and has helped us to grow. Our plan is to continue to expand and support the local Alberta economy.” 

The A100 is a non-profit, member-funded organization of experienced tech entrepreneurs and executives who are dedicated to driving lasting diversification of Alberta’s economy by supporting the province’s next generation of tech startups. 

“We’re seeing some incredibly innovative companies in the life science tech space making significant traction in Alberta, and Syantra is definitely on that list,” says Aaryn Flynn, Chair, The A100. “Kristina, Bob, Xiuling, and Kenneth are developing a technology that has the potential to not just make a difference in the tech world but also to save millions of lives—more than enough reason to name Syantra ‘One to Watch’.” 

Start Alberta is committed to helping the communities and businesses within our province thrive and grow. Since introducing our awards in 2018, we have had the opportunity to recognize dozens of deserving and innovative professionals. The Start Alberta Platform further provides the community with a place for startups and investors to connect: with each other, as well as to capital and resources. 

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