Start Alberta provides a digital gathering space for Alberta's Innovation Ecosystem.

The platform, powered by Dealroom, easily and swiftly provides users with macro-level information including the total number of tech start- and scale-ups, individual and cumulative funding rounds, and more micro information helpful in conducting preliminary due diligence.

Community stakeholders like entrepreneurs, tech founders, start-and scale-up teams, active investors, policymakers, service providers, and students receive near-real-time updates on the innovation ecosystem’s movement and digital platform.

Start Alberta’s gatherings convene the community to learn firsthand from experienced founders and best-in-class service providers about the ins and outs of this critical industry subsegment in Alberta.

Start Alberta was created through the foresight of our Founding Partners: The A100, Alberta Enterprise Corporation, and the Venture Capital Association of Alberta who saw the opportunity and need to bring transparency to a previously opaque industry sub-segment.

Founding Partners

Our Mission

To be the source of facts on the region’s innovation and tech ecosystem that equips investors, entrepreneurs, and policymakers with the insights needed to make their next, big move.

Our Purpose

To provide data on the tech industry that informs entrepreneurs, investors, and policymaker decisions.

Our Values


Start Alberta uses objective and independent data to form integrity-driven insights on the innovation ecosystem.


Start Alberta embraces frequent change to thrive in an industry that rewards demonstrated momentum, not theory.


Act boldly as a provocateur of the status quo to uncover new truths for investors, entrepreneurs, and policy-makers.


Pursue actions that increase the region’s global competitiveness.


Start Alberta is managed and supported by an array of ecosystem sponsors committed to fostering and supporting our tech industry and community. These include Keystone Sponsors, Charter Sponsors, Promotional Sponsors and Friends of Start Alberta.

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