Start Alberta Deal Flow Platform

Tips for using the Start Alberta database

Q. What is the Start Alberta Deal Flow Platform?

Start Alberta is the most comprehensive database on startups and funding in the province.
Operated by A100 and powered by Dealroom, Start Alberta provides real-time data for founders, investors, corporates and government stakeholders, cataloguing the regional tech ecosystem.

Initiated by A100, AEC and the Venture Capital Association of Alberta (VCAA) and in collaboration with a wide group of community partners, Start Alberta provides insights on the health of the regional innovation economy while showcasing the Alberta startup ecosystem to the world.

Q. Who can use it?

The Start Alberta database is used by founders and their teams, investors, job seekers and tech enthusiasts. It’s free to register and access, thanks to our supporting partners: A100, AEC and the VCAA.

  • Tech founders and their teams use it to increase the visibility of their company to investors and talent, as well as find right fit investors.
  • Investors use it to discover new companies, keep track of businesses they care about and find ideal co-investors.
  • Job seekers can see the latest job openings in Alberta tech companies.
  • Tech enthusiasts and community supporters can use it to keep track of the latest investments in Alberta tech and discover new tech companies in Alberta.
Q. Why should I sign up and use the database?

Join more than 1,500 Alberta startups and scale-ups already using the Start Alberta database to increase the visibility of your startup to both investors and talent.

Alberta startups can be discovered by investors with a complete profile that includes your business model, income streams, industries and technologies. Many startups also use the database to search for right-fit investors for their next round.

Q. How do I add my company to the database?

If your company is already listed in the database, you can claim your profile if you have a company email address. See the detailed instructions on how to do this in this blog post: How to claim your company profile.

If your startup is not yet listed in the database, you can manually add your company as long as you have a company website and company email address.

Q. Why should I keep my profile updated?

While lots of the heavy lifting is done for you as the database is powered by AI and algorithms to gather data from public sources, we conduct quarterly manual checks to ensure the data is as current as possible and accurate. We encourage you to routinely review your company information and ensure it’s accurate.

Why does updating your information matter? When the data is current and accurate, Alberta attracts more capital, more talent, and enhanced policy and community support — and that’s a big win for everyone. Thanks for doing your part to help ensure transparency and real-time visibility into Alberta’s maturing tech ecosystem.

Q. Why should I self-identify?

Self-identifying your gender or ethnicity in your personal profile helps investors who are specifically seeking historically underrepresented and overlooked founders and startups. This is optional. You can choose to indicate your gender or your ethnicity in your profile settings.

Q. How do I recover my password?

On the sign-in screen, use the “Forgot Password” link. Enter your email address to reset your password. Reach out to if you need additional help.

Q. How do I learn more about using the database?

A great place to start is to review the User Guides located in the “Home” section of the database. You can also learn how to use the database with articles from our blog. Plus follow Start Alberta on LinkedIn and Instagram as we share additional tips.

Q. I have a specific question. How can I get help?

If you have any questions or need help navigating the database, reach out to our team We’re always happy to help!